Monday, 30 January 2017


What thoughts went into the design and manufacturing of the 1889 Horsey Horseless car? Compares to the sleek design and sophistication of today’s cars, you would agree with me and many others that the inventor of the 1889 Horsey Horseless car was not thinking about the future when he invented the car.
The inventor, Uriah Smith of Battle Creek, Michigan wanted a car with a resemblance of a horse drawn carriage. And he created the 1889 Horsey Horseless car. It was obvious that he was not thinking very far into the future. His imagination was limited by what was prevalent in his days - horse drawn carriages - and he wanted to improve on it, perhaps.
According to a news report on titled “56 of the Worst Cars of All Time”, the 1889 Horsey Horseless car was seemingly rated number one and was called a “buggy.”
What do you think about the 1889 Horsey Horseless? Do you acknowledge the fact that Uriah Smith was indeed an inventor? If a new and improved model of the Horsey Horseless car is designed and manufactured today, would you like to own and drive one of it?