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Matt Morris, a seven figure earner in network marketing, gave the following as laws that any individual aspiring to become a leader in network marketing and other business must have. In his words, they include:
First, a leader must have a dream larger than those that you lead. Big dreamers inspire others to dream big.
Second, a leader must have an attitude superior to those that you lead. Leaders fill themselves with positive thoughts; they act in an upbeat manner at all times when they’re in front of those that they lead. So, positive attitudes are contagious, just like negative ones. But here’s the thing, negative attitudes have an even greater affect and impact on your people. This is important. In network marketing, one negative or critical statement about the company, your up-line, or the product can destroy entire organizations. So remember, have an attitude superior to those that that you lead.
Third, and this should go without saying, leaders must always display a commitment to integrity and character. So here’s the thing: Never talk behind anyone’s back. Not your up-line, not your down-line, not your cross-line.
When you always do the right thing, your team sees that. They have the con­fidence and the faith, and will follow you through thick and thin, no matter what the circumstances are. No other leadership principle is as important as integrity. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a group of leaders that I’ve worked with for almost ten years now, and the reason we’ve stuck together for almost ten years is because we trust each other. We know that we have each other’s back, and we know that if we say we’re gonna do something, we honor our word.
Fourth, make a commitment to personal growth. Personal stagnation is the cause of decay and failure in most people’s lives. People want to be around someone who’s moving forward in all areas of their life. My personal belief, and the reason why I’ll think nothing of spending $50,000.00 in a year for personal development is because I believe in life you’re either spiraling upwards or you’re spiraling downwards. You’re never staying at the same level. A good friend of mine and an early mentor of mine said it best. He said, “When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you’re rotten.”
Fifth, is the law of persistence and determination. Realize it takes time to achieve greatness. I spent almost four years in the network marketing in­dustry before I earned a six-figure income. My first year and a half in the in­dustry I enrolled three total people, two of which I paid for myself to get in. I ended up $30,000.00 in debt, but I persisted, and after four years I was liv­ing my dream lifestyle. I haven’t had to think about money in years, because it’s just not an object. If I want to take my wife to Paris for the weekend, or spend $1,000.00 a night on a suite in a hotel because it’s her birthday, I don’t even have to think twice about it because it’s such a low percentage of my income. But here’s the thing, if I had given up after failing initially, I would never have been able to experience this kind of lifestyle. Here’s what’s impor­tant about a true leader: A true leader will always find a way over, around, or through any problem that arises, and will do whatever it takes to be a winner.21
Sixth, you must build your vision. This has been another one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my entire life. For years I would hear people talking about their vision and how they were gonna go out and do this or that, so I’d work on my vision by writing down my goals and figuring out what I wanted in life. But here’s where the confusion comes in. Most people think their vision is simply their goals. What opened up my life to an entirely new level of success is when I realized that my vision is not my goal at all, but my vision is how I see myself. Your vision is what you truly expect for yourself. Your vision is what determines your success. You see, when I entered into my first entrepreneur­ial venture, I was a broke college student, drowning in debt, and working for minimum wage. My vision, or where I saw myself at the time, was that of a broke college student who had been poor most of his life. I was constantly talking about how much money I didn’t have and how broke I was. So what happened was that no matter how many goals I created for myself, my true vision, which is really controlled by your subconscious mind, was trained to be broke.

This is absolutely true. Every man or woman desiring to achieve huge success and mind-blowing earnings in network marketing must imbibe these laws. They will make him or her greatly successful.

An extract from “The Ultimate Guide to Lifestyle Freedom: 7 Secrets to 7 Figures” by Matt Morris, a Best Selling Author and Self-made Millionaire.

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