Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Like plants, all men, women and children require a regular intake of high quality food and health supplements to stay healthy. The food we take each day may not give us the required amount of nutrition we need to maintain our health and live normal without falling ill. A good number of sicknesses and diseases threatening us are mostly induced by lack or inadequate amount of certain nutrients in our body. If we must avoid visiting the hospital and spending our hard earned income on diseases that can be prevented, and, in some cases, reversed, we should take seriously these five (5) reasons why food and health supplements are regularly needful.

These include:

1.     Lost weight

Are you losing weight unnecessary and unconsciously? To achieve or maintain a healthy weight, you may need supplemental nutrition beyond what you're getting through meals.

2.     Inactiveness

Are you becoming inactive with regards to your daily activities? When you (or any of your family members, friends, colleagues or neighbours) are becoming inactive for no particular reason, it may be a sign that you are not getting the nutrition you need to be active.

4.     Loss of Appetite

Losing your appetite for any kind of regular meals is a sign that you are lacking some basic nutrition. A regular intake of nutritional supplements can help you maintain a very healthy appetite.

5.     General Body Injuries Sustained or Surgeries

When you experience slow recovery from sustained injuries or surgeries, it is a sign that your nutritional status is low. It means you may need more nutrition than normal in order to speed up your recovery.

6.     Problems Chewing or Swallowing Solid Food

Do you have trouble swallowing or difficulty chewing solid food? These are conditions that can be remedied by taking in supplemental nutrition.

We encourage you today to take your need for adequate nutrition seriously. The same way plants suffer or die due to lack or inadequate nutrients in the surrounding soil, man also suffer or die as a result of lack or inadequate nutrition.

Be warned! Prevention is better than cure!!