Monday, 17 August 2015


I happened to return to a Computer Store where I bought a Techno Phone a year earlier in 2013 to help the couple-owned store to expand its sales and profit for that year and the subsequent years. It was an exciting opportunity for me to consult with the store in the areas of marketing and sales management.
After some attempts to sell its fairly used computer systems to private secondary schools in Lagos State, Nigeria, one of the owners decided to invite me to a Business Opportunity meeting which happened to be a meeting for distributors and prospective distributors for a multi-level marketing company from the Philippine. The network marketing (also called multi-level marketing) company is called Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria. It is an international network marketing company with distributors in over ten countries including Nigeria. It is the sole global marketer and distributor of high quality, effective and affordable Health/Food Supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way, USA.
At the venue of the opportunity meeting and head office of the company, I was introduced to one of the lead trainers, a Professor and an Insurance marketing expert, who told me all I needed to know about the company, its products, partners, and business opportunity. And as an opportunity seeker, I was very attentive, though with lots of doubts in my mind about my decision to be involved as a distributor and the chance of me succeeding.
My doubts came from stories I have heard about network marketing of all sorts; and the experiences of network marketers in Nigeria cast a dark shadow on network marketing concept and opportunity, generally. So many sad stories rented the air. However, this particular one presented to me seemed to be different, less complicated and promising. Though it was my very first time to attend such a business opportunity meeting, I found it very interesting and worthy of my investment and time. As Philip Collinsworth puts it in one of his books, “Network Marketing: MLM Strategies for Success and Wealth Creation”:
“I like to take a no-holds-barred approach to business. That means when I see an opportunity, and decide it offers a low risk and high payoff potential, I jump in.”
Alliance In Motion Global offers me a business opportunity with low risk and high payoff potentials in terms of: 1) Direct Referral Bonuses; 2) Matched Sales Bonuses; 3) 25% Retail Profit; 4) High Group Sales Commission; 5) an All-paid Expense Trip to the United States and the Philippine; 6) Others. Read more.
And so, I JUMPED IN.
“Because life is too short to waste time on the sidelines.” I then decided to “Be a player, (and) not a spectator”.

  1. The Concept of Network Marketing is Beautiful with Low Financial Risk. According to Philip Collinsworth, “…through the sheer beauty of the network marketing concept, you can take this plunge into the business world with minimal financial risk”. And so, I did jump in, after careful assessment.
  2.  Network Marketing is an Opportunity. Indeed, network marketing is an opportunity. An opportunity to meet positive people. An opportunity to earn an extra income. An opportunity to reignite my personal enthusiasm for life. An opportunity to build a business. And, an opportunity to create wealth. Simply put, network marketing offers me an opportunity to become a business owner and a salesperson.
  1. Network Marketing is a Tool to Achieving a Higher Income. Network marketing is full of financial potential. It is a tool to achieving a higher income, and perhaps, an alternative to your daily work routine that will have you jumping out of your bed in the morning with enthusiasm.
These are the 3 main reasons why I BECAME a network marketer.

Alliance In Motion Global offers one of the best NETWORK MARKETING PLATFORMS in the world today. It simplifies and beautifies network marketing, its numerous opportunities and financial potentials. Getting INVOLVED in Alliance In Motion Global will guarantee your FINANCIAL SECURITY today and tomorrow.
You can as well BUY our HEALTH PRODUCTS for YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES. They are of high quality, effective and affordable. DELIVERY is FREE within LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA.
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