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When we talk about network marketing business opportunities, most of the time, we end up with so many reasons why we cannot be involved. We give reasons such as:

1. High cost of registration and membership
2. Involve direct sales
3. Autoship: compulsive buying
4. High sales target
5. Commission earned on team effort
6. Expensive products with very low demand
7. Poor access to distributors business transactions
8. Local-specific
9. Complex re-ordering process
10. Irregular payment of bonuses and commission earned
11. Once-in-a-month payback period
12. Non-disclosure of vital information, etc

All of these reasons are taken care of when you, as a savvy-network marketer, or someone aspiring to become a network marketer, join Alliance In Motion Global.

With a minimum of N36,000 (US$230), you become a distributor with all the benefits the business offers. It is a ONE-TIME, LIFE-TIME, INTERNATIONAL registration. You won't be asked to re-register again even when you travel out of your country or location and want to continue your business there. It is a cloud- and home-based business. You carry it with you where ever you go.

Direct Sales
At AIM Global, though direct-sales is one of the methods by which distributors can sell their products and earn retail profits, it is the distributor’s choice to use it, and others. No distributor is forced by any means to engage in direct-sales.

Autoship/Compulsive Buying
AIM Global does not have a compulsive buying policy in which distributors are forced to buy some specific quantity of products in order to earn commissions and maintain their business. It is at the discretion of a distributor to buy and retail products any time of the day, week or month. Distributors buy any quantity and amount of products they want at any given time. A distributor can buy as much as one pack of our high-quality and highly effective Alkaline coffee, which is only N1,330 ($9) in a whole month.

Sales Target
There is no sales target in AIM Global. You fix your sales target in form of a goal to keep you focus and serious with your business.

Affordable and Highly Demanded Products
AIM Global has the most affordable food supplements in Nigeria today. And the demand for all our products is increasing daily. People across ages, health and income are demanding for our products because they are effective (Google AIM Global Product Testimonies) and affordable. You cannot buy any of our products and not ask for more.

Access to Real-Time Distributor Business Transactions
All distributors in AIM Global have direct access to their business using any mobile channels. A Distributor-Tracking-Center is created for all distributors at the point of registration which serves as the distributors’ business transaction system. Any business transactions being carried out by distributors at any given time of the day reflect automatically on the DTC. Distributors do not need any one to monitor their transactions on their behalf.

International Business
The business opportunity being offered by AIM Global is international. Our business has no boundaries. It is beyond the shores of our individual immediate locations and countries. You can buy and sell our products from any part of the globe.

Simple Product Re-ordering Process
The least educated among us can re-order products without any difficulty. The process is unusually simple and fast. Products can be bought by anybody on behalf of a distributor. All that is required is the distributor’s name and account number.

Regular and Prompt Payment of Bonuses and Commissions Earned
Distributors are paid regularly and promptly when they earn either bonuses or commissions or both. All distributors can access their money twice in a week. As a distributor, you can encash your earnings to be paid to your bank account two days in a particular week.

Alliance In Motion Global offers an unusual network marketing business opportunity to anyone across the globe. With its "HYBRID" Compensation Plan, AIM Global makes earning easy and possible for everyone of its distributors in Nigeria and the world. There is no limit to what a distributor can earn in terms of bonuses and retail profits (25% and above) in AIM Global. You set the limit by yourself.

I encourage you to read AIM GLOBAL NIGERIA HYBRID MARKETING/BUSINESS PLAN. This will give you some concise insight to the ways you can earn real residual and passive income as a distributor in AIM Global. The compensation plan has made it possible for AIM Global to turn ordinary Nigerians to extra-ordinary millionaires within a very short period of their involvement.
You cannot fail at AIM Global whether you are a recruit or a professional in network marketing. The system protects you against possible failure.

You should also take your time to read and know about all the various health supplements we are offering. They are very necessary and sufficient enough to keep you healthy and to protect you against any nutritional-related (and some non-nutritional-related) ailments. Remember, a good proportion of ailments and diseases suffered by humans, today, are nutritional-related. When you maintain a high nutritional status, it would be very difficult for you and your loved ones to fall ill.
If you, the reader of this article, are employed, you can add this to your endeavour in order to earn real residual and passive income over a life time. If employed and busy, you can become a distributor by registering yourself, first, and then, others (some unemployed family members, relations, friends and neighbours) who become part of your network. While they carry on with their businesses, actively, you earn substantially from their efforts. You lose nothing by taking this step. Every amount expended in registering yourself and others are exchanged for products equivalent to the sum of the total amount paid when sold. That is, the company gives you products equivalent to the amount of money used in registering. And if you are unemployed, this is an opportunity to engage yourself and earn any amount of money you desire. You don’t have to keep waiting for that dream job to come. While you may be waiting for that dream job, you can still be a distributor with AIM Global. And you will always be a distributor even when you have gotten the job.

I encourage you today to join AIM Global in order to seize this unusual business opportunity that carries with it uncommon financial returns. Do not wait another day. Make up your mind NOW. The opportunity is for you, your family, friends and neighbours. Let no EXCUSE STOP YOU.

For more enquiries and involvement, you can call, text, tweet or email me on 08027085998, 08060420218, @jomamel or jomamel.ng@gmail.com, respectively. I am waiting.


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