Wednesday, 26 March 2014

DRUG THERAPY --By Dr. Joel Robbins

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If YOU have a headache, the doctor prescribes ASPIRIN. The headache disappears and everyone is happy. No one ever asked the question, "What caused the headache?" Based on the treatment prescribed and the resultant "CURE", we can conclude that the headache was caused by an "ASPIRIN DEFICIENCY". However, a little research will tell us that ASPIRIN is composed of SALICYLIC ACID - an ABSOLUTE POISON to the BODY, thus an "ASPIRIN DEFICIENCY" is out of the question. In fact, any DRUG on the MARKET, we will find, is composed of CHEMICAL TOXINS which are poisonous to HUMANS. How then can DRUGS alleviate SYMPTOMS, CURE ILLS, WIPE OUT DISEASE and generally make us feel better if they are POISONOUS?


Did you know that ASPIRIN will relieve any pain in the body, whether it be a headache or toe ache? The only exception to this is STOMACH PAIN. ASPIRIN will not help stomach pain. Ask the pharmacist how aspirin works, he will tell you that it has some sort of numbing effect over the entire body, so regardless of where the pain is, it is relieved. But isn't the stomach part of the body? Why doesn't aspirin take care of stomach pain? He will reply that this is one of the great MYSTERIES OF ASPIRIN.

Let's say you are out on the farm hunting and you get a thorn in your finger. It is quite sore, so you decide to head back to the truck to get some tweezers to take care of the problem. As you pass through the barn yard you step on a nail. Do you still feel the pain of the thorn in your finger, in fact do you even remember it is there? Was it suddenly cured when you stepped on the nail? No, not at all. Then why is the thorn no longer a concern? Simply because your body now has a higher priority - something more life threatening to worry about - the nail in the foot.

Then as you are passing through the barbed wire fence to finally reach your truck, you shoot your toe off with the shotgun (the other foot of course). Are you now aware of the thorn? No. How about the hole in your foot from the rusty nail? i don't think so. Why not? Once again the body shifted its focus to the most life threatening situation. There is only x amount of energy in the body. If we create a crisis in one part of the body, energy must be "BORROWED" from other parts of the body to cope with the crisis.

Note: Every ASPIRIN (buffered or not) CAUSES a TEASPOON worth of BLEEDING in the STOMACH.

If YOU have a headache, which is generally caused by TOXIC BLOOD from something we've eaten which is harmful to us, and you take an aspirin causing internal bleeding, which do you think would be more life threatening? In most cases the internal bleeding. The body must now shift its attention to the higher priority problem (stomach), and the headache disappears. Did the aspirin remove the toxins from the blood stream? Not at all, just created a more life threatening situation.

If the aspirin does not take away the headache, it simply means that the internal bleeding is not life threatening than the toxic blood. So now take six (6) aspirin, and a more life threatening situation will take place in the stomach and the headache dissipates.

If YOU have stomach pain then your body's attention is already focused on the stomach. additional stress there will not force the body to shift its attention elsewhere in the body. TYLENOL, however, will alleviate stomach pain because it plays havoc with the LIVER, causing the body to move its attention from stomach to LIVER.


A DRUG "CURES" YOUR COMPLAINT BY CREATING A DISEASE OF ITS OWN. If the POISON of the DRUG, whatever drug you want to name, is more life threatening to the body than the symptom for which you took the drug (or the doctor's prescription for such), then your symptoms will disappear. If the drug is not more life threatening, then it will not produce symptomatic relief and the doctor will prescribe a stronger, more poisonous, more life threatening drug. Now the body will be forced to focus on the drug so that the drug literally doesn't kill the body. You become symptom free. Yet the cause of the disease was not eliminated, and true healing did not take place. Since there is no such thing as a "DRUG DEFICIENCY", the body simply put the disease process on hold to eliminate the drug. How many children do you know that take antibiotic for infections? The antibiotic stop the symptoms. As soon as the antibiotic is stopped, the infection returns. It is because the antibiotic does not kill the infection, rather the antibiotic is so toxic to the LIVER and the rest of the body, that the body must wall off, or put on "HOLD" the infective process to deal with the drug before it kills the body. Once the drug is dealt with, the body will, as soon as it has built up adequate nutrients and energies, resume the cleansing process via the infection. If the taking of the antibiotic was so devitalizing to the body, lowering its frequency, the infection may not return, only a more serious chronic disease at a later date.

Note: DISEASES and ILLNESS are not "CAUGHT" or "ACQUIRED by fate. They are EARNED, some out of IGNORANCE and some LAZINESS, but nonetheless, EARNED.

I hereby leave you to make an informed decision on what medication to seek for whenever you EARN any diseases or illnesses. DRUGS, with the poisons or FOOD SUPPLEMENTS with no poisons.

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