Monday, 3 February 2014


Customers are the mainstay of an profitable business world over. Without customers, especially loyal ones, there is no profitable business. No wonder business organizations are striving through all possible, legal means to recruit customers, and maybe, retain them.

I have been keenly observing the behaviours of retailers in Nigeria and have discovered a common practice among them when it comes prospecting customers. The best sales strategy they cheaply adopt is the use of promo where cars and other items are showcased as gifts for the customers who will buy certain amount of their products and services. It is a wide spread sales strategy which leaves me with the doubt that we are making real progress business in this 21st century. It shows that we lack innovative ideas and strategies in virtually all aspects of our businesses. Retailers in the country are infested with the copycat syndrome. If we all do the same thing when it comes to prospecting customers, how am I sure those customers will abide? What will keep them? Nothing!!! And this is because such sales strategy only develop in prospects the capacity to flirt. They move from one retailer to another seeking opportunities to win the said prizes for some given purchases without any intention to remain loyal customers. Indeed, they can never be loyal customers. Prospects are now converted to lottery players by retailers in Nigeria in the bid to get them to buy their products and services.

Are there no other sales strategies that they can adopt in their prospecting?

Of course, there are many better and more powerful sales strategies that retailers in Nigeria can adopt in order to increase and retain their prospective customers. And most of these sales strategies are cost-effective and manageable. They carry with them some sense of equity. Customers are not made to compete for any "grand" or "consolation" prizes. Some of these sales strategies include: sales coupons, discounted prizes, bundle sales, and others.

World class retail brands use sales coupons, discounted prizes and bundle sales to recruit and retain loyal customers for their products and services. They are fair, less expensive to implement, and prospects do not see themselves as competitors or bidders. These are sales strategies that are always mostly adopted by successful retailers across the globe today. They hardly fail in delivering expected sales objective.

How I wish retailers in Nigeria will learn and seek to adopt these success-proven sales strategies today?

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner with the desire to increase your customer base and to make your customers loyal customers, and you do not know how to do so, please contact me. I am obliged to help you achieve that. Use the comment box to reach me.

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