Friday, 14 February 2014


It is indeed a national service. A whole year of solemn pledge to serve a fatherland that has failed to father these army of young graduates by providing them with the opportunities that they deserve for a national service well done.

Another set of graduates have been launched into the national labour market which has been so weak in supporting the increasing number of graduates it welcomes in February, June and September of every year. Imagine the number of graduates that the national labour market has to cater for. Where are the jobs for this periodic army of graduates? Which sectors are hiring? Which industries are hiring? Which companies/organizations are hiring? How open and reliable is the process of possible hirings?

Sectors Hiring
You cannot get any information about hiring in the various sectors of the economy. Between 2004-2008, the financial and the telecommunications were priority sectors, hiring young graduates. But today, we cannot say which of the sectors are hiring young graduates.

Industry Hiring
Information about industries hiring young graduates in the country are scarce available. You can hardly find any. Newspaper publications of vacancies do not provide us with a clue on where to look out for jobs. No government agencies responsible for labour, youth development and socio-economic development can give us any information about hiring in any of the industries.

Company Hiring
It is strictly an insider thing today. And due to factors such as tribalism, nepotism and others, it is unlikely for graduates to know about job openings in any companies without the help of insiders.

When there is no access to information about activities in the labour market, cutting across the various sectors, industries and companies/organizations of the country, it becomes very difficult for young graduates to find jobs even when they are available.

What do you think should best be done and who should take the lead? My most sincere suggestion is that governments, federal, state and local, should take the lead by setting up Offices of Employment across the country. And these offices should be given the responsibility to gather information about job availability in their localities and outside. Setting up such offices alone can create job opportunities for young graduates that are likely to be hired to do the work required therein. Imagine that every political district in the country has an Office of Employment with at least 2-10 staff. Answer for yourself.

Nigeria has the potential to create job opportunities for all Nigerians, educated and uneducated. You may ask how? Through effective and efficient national policies and legislation targeted at each sector of our national economy, the governments can create jobs for ALL NIGERIANS. I mean ALL NIGERIANS.

You can follow me as I unveil the potentials of all sectors of our economy to create decent and sustainable jobs for young graduates and all Nigerians in a series I wish to call, "JOB CREATION: THE POTENTIALS OF THE NIGERIAN ECONOMIC SECTORS, if the government will initiate "Effective and Efficient National Policies and establish enforceable Legislation.

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