Friday, 11 October 2013


There is no gainsaying that Visafone Communications Limited, one of the telecommunications operators in Nigeria, provides the most reliable, dependable and affordable mobile internet service in the country.

Visafone, through its ranges of affordable modems and flexible tariff plans, provides a seamless mobile internet connection for all kinds of users and for all purposes. The modems are compatible with mostly all laptop and desktop computers and are very easy to install. Any individual with little knowledge of the computer can configure the modems for instant use. You should get yourself one of Visafone mobile internet modems, if you haven't.

The only limitation with Visafone mobile internet service is its area of service coverage. I want to believe that the management of organization is working towards ensuring a nationwide coverage of its services especially its mobile internet service. And as an entrepreneur consultant, my professional advice to Visafone is that it should strengthen its position in the market and work on become a leader in this fast growing aspect of the telecommunications services in the country.

I look forward to seeing Visafone Communications Limited expand into Benue State and Igah-Okpaya, Apa Local Government Area in the nearest future. I am leaving my Visafone mobile internet modem behind as I plan to travel home for the remaining part of the year since I cannot use it in my state. I will really miss everything about Visafone.


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  2. Thanks for being so mobile cover upfront and so honest about the subject matter. I really feel like I have a better understanding now.