Friday, 27 April 2012

Entrepreneur Job-seekers versus Non-entrepreneur Job-seekers in the Labour Market

The labour market is a place where job seekers  and employers meet to deliberate on an exchange of labour for wages/salaries. Job seekers supply mostly their intellectual skills with the hope of getting buyers (employers) to make demands for them at a wage or salary commensurate to the descriptions and functions assigned to the particular job provided. Prospecting employers seek to build management teams that can deliver on the job in order to attain the set objectives of the companies. The choices employers make most times depend on the knowledge and human management skills the person in charge of recruitment possesses.
No attempt is made at any time to enlist a workforce that is less qualified and inconsistent with the goal of the companies. Serious minded recruiters are careful in their selection, knowing why they need such an addition to the management.
Though the selection/recruitment processes in Nigeria is fraught with all forms of unhealthy practices by recruiters, it is good to note that some employers still follow religiously the most appropriate steps in requiring the service of job seekers.
How to become a successful job seeker requires that prospective employees understand the current situations in both the local and international labour markets. Growth-oriented companies, as an integral part of their strategy to compete favourably, are seeking value-adding employees who are concerned more about service, and less about money.
Can you say convincingly that you are a value-carrying job-seeker who, if employed, will lead the company (employer) to achieve beyond its set goals and objectives within a set period of time? If yes, how do you know? If you have been tested and tried and you are back into the labour market then you should know that something was wrong. It is not enough to assess yourself as valuable employee on the basis of knowledge acquired from our conventional schools where you are taught less to nothing about real world circumstances. It shows you need to know some other important things that make a valuable and high-demand employee. And this is, your entrepreneurial capabilities.
Are you an entrepreneur job seeker or a non-entrepreneur job seeker? Do you want to know the difference between both? Yes, you need to know these in order to be successful in the highly saturated, "uncompetitive" Nigerian/global labour market.
1.      Entrepreneur job seekers agree on working together with employers (companies), while non-entrepreneur job seekers agree on working for employers (companies).
2.      Entrepreneur job seekers negotiate the terms of the job while non-entrepreneur job seekers are given the terms of the job.
3.      Entrepreneurial job seekers carry with them great benefits to the companies. They are great and valuable assets to employers, while the non-entrepreneurial job seekers are liabilities in most cases.
4.      Companies that are desirous of innovation employ entrepreneur job seekers and not non-entrepreneur ones.
5.      Employers seeking to create and maintain competitive advantages above rivals search and engage individuals with the ability to identify profitable business ideas with market values.
6.      Entrepreneur job seekers are potential grease while non-entrepreneur job seekers could be real clogs in the wheel of progressive companies.
7.      Entrepreneur job seekers, with little or no work orientation know about the day-to-day running of companies of any kind.
8.      Employers of entrepreneur job seekers enjoy mutual working relationship while the relationship between employers and non-entrepreneur job seekers are usually parasitic.
There has been a profound change in the labour marketplace today. Growth-conscious employers no longer engage the service of non-entrepreneur job seekers. They go for entrepreneurially skilled workforce. They seek for values and not numbers.
Are you a job seeker? Are you any of the above mentioned? What is your educational/training capacity? Do you still pile up educational degrees and/or certificates with the hope that by so doing you will qualify for a well paid job with a profitable company? Examine you ways. Today's labour market abhors non-entrepreneur job seekers who have only intellectual capabilities to offer. If you are an entrepreneur job seeker with increasing entrepreneurial ideas to offer, your bargaining power and chances would improve instantly (Faltin, 2001) in the labour market. So, be one.
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